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Kroongetuige - solve your own mystery in Västra Mälardalen (Köping, Arboga & Kungsör)

During summer 2018 the Dutch tv-series Crown Witness (Kroongetuige) was recorded in Västra Mälardalen with surroundings. The series is a unique combination between fiction and reality where nine Dutch celebrities solves a crime case. Now you can walk in their footsteps and solve your own mystery. Västra Mälardalen with its stately oak trees, dark lakes and deep forests sets the perfect scene for your mission.

But the area has so much more to offer, markets and medieval festivals, vintage racing cars and modern golf courses, ancient waterways and open fields to be explored by foot, by bike or by canoe.

Welcome to Västra Mälardalen (Köping, Arboga & Kungsör)!

Do you prefer to live in a mansion in an old brukssamhälle or in a cottage by a lake. Here you can find our recomendations for a perfect stay in our welcoming cities.

Get a taste of Västra Mälardalen

Get a taste of Västra Mälardalen. Visit one of our restaurants and taste one of our specialities or take a Swedish fika in one of our cosy coffe houses.

There is much to discover and explore in Västra Mälardalen

Participate in a guided tour through one of our cities, experience the magnificant nature and walk along the tracks of Kroongetuige.

Let our map of the recording sites of Kroongetuige guide you. Visit the places where the body was burried, where the car exploded and bla bla bla..


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